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Nightbeat 2 (Nonplace 2007)

Nu Jazz Electronic from German music-makers like Bernd Friedmann and Uwe Schmidt experimenting their founded ideas and gaining more and more noises samples over the recording attempts to the music album since the first beats occurs on their heads until this official compilation ready on being released to the public purposes to listening time through Nuklear Jazz means the blended from thus materials taken from the first album and the second ones. 

Flanger duet keeps making their easy-ways to presented the curing beats with sophomore rhythmic within the harmony mellow and groovy thoughts forum as Glitch, Down-Tempo and Cool Jazzy tracks like Short Note with A Few, Full On Scientist, Lata onto Bosco’s Disposable Driver and Angel of Love providing quick latitude for the listeners to pick any experimental movement in sounds that enclosed by Tangram (Golf Club Mix) by Gak Sato composition added to the remixes for this duo.

Nuklear Jazz: