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New Earth (Independent 2017)

With the presenting of everything on the Post-Black Metal progressive musical where stories about nature, cosmos, science and mythology of the Norse, the Huns and the Baltic is commencing widely, softer and prĂ©cising as Vvldir performing his project tunes on solo album under the name of Vvilderness as this Hungarian soul meets his imaginative identity made sophomore sounds shreds not in a extreme ways but larger and wider – develops onto thus mixing on either instrumentals and vocals spirits of the jackal and the wolf as the guardian of the forest floor digitally, magnificent around the recording melodies of Devour The Sun. 
All instrumental music performs and human vocals growling under the enlightenment background traditional tales of familiar culture based on the snowy land and firing conflicts among the tribesmen and Starless Dark playing for about five minutes and sixteen seconds while Aftershine ended on ten minutes and twenty-six seconds that wrapped the record around thirty-eight minutes and five seconds displaying gorgeousness of Post-Black Metal turning it’s feather for spiritual blessing delights. 

Devour The Sun: