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Muneco Senorito (Not On Label 2014)

   Madrid - Spain got its weirdy club crew making the mixture between visuals and Post-Rock Electro-Pop publicity as produced by the Mihassan breeds like David, Ana and Ruben as a trio cramping out not like you expected though. Dressing up as medieval Christendom kings or queen or aristocrats but spawning this LP with the same self-titled must be quite prime-timing someone attentions to heard them somewhere and again next time being dragged to liking the strange simplicity that carried little less Punk-Rock and New Wave attitudes around the sounds.

   Proving that you shall thinking a bit and their attraction spreads like a wild dance grooves to the brain with shorter tracks available like Para La Causa El Oro, Calderilla, Como La Seda, Desanimo onto No Me Sirve sending signals of melodic electro vibrations into kinds of monotonous pinching or poking your curiosity. 

Mihassan LP: