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Moralism Rotten (Cogumelo Records 2014)

Satanism Death metal and Anti-Christianity gang of Sao Paulo’s foursome in a complete line-up consisting for Eduardo Lane (drums), Thiago Anduscias (bass), Guiller (guitars, vocals) and Lauro Nightrealm (guitar, vocals) been releasing these sixth recording of them full length studio from NervoChaos fully loaded over the extreme Thrash Metal combined with Death Metal and Groove Metal as a little bit Blackened Grindcore struck down the atmosphere which also inviting the entire deader corpses army with weapons to come invading the town and many cities; spreading fear and death as you may consumed by one of them roaming The Art Of Vengeance scattering the wreckage and dying population – sending them drown deeper onto the Blackest despair commencing through The Devil’s Work, Betrayed, From Below and Not Alone, For Passion Not Fashion, Ghosts of The Past or Lightless (Headhunter DC cover) gains their cult status on the local scene to internationally worldwide in a fearful unique extravaganza sounds of extreme music.

The Art Of Vengeance: