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Lungless Stjernaborg (Alternative Tentacles 2007)

   Sounding more like the angrier Metal-Core than Harcore-Punk unit; these Seattle – Washington band Akimbo that used to be having more than eleven guitarists for their entire career in louder music story as the founder Nat Damm (drums) and Jon Jon Weisnewski on bass and vocals quickly becoming friends since the first encounters between them continues and then after releasing four albums – Akimbo coming back with their resistance spirits for fighting the global enslavement and tortures which all there carrying by the straight lyrics and music and letting the growlers roll like a hurricane in the middle of your resort area suddenly pops through Navigating The Bronze plus the sailing-van album release.

Wizard Van Wizard, Huge Muscles, Roman Coins, The Curse of King David or Dungeon Bastard. The dark clouds shall gone away and hopefully, the end would be better than the annihilation. 

Navigating The Bronze: