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Lost Angeles (Oasis/Casablanca 1977)

   Before the modern world closely knows about Borat or Ali G – there’s the original music maker in the house given his productive sounds tempos and many New Wave particular type of stylistic spreading through the European country as innovative and influential around the Electronic music doing his activity best as arranger, composer, performer and DJ with the academy awards winnings and Disco Music entrepreneur – meet Giovanni Giorgio Moroder born in Ortisei, Trentino –Alto Adige as many aliases and projects but within this fifth recording of seminal-legendary works from his solo; From Here To Eternity leads the master blaster of synthesizers focusing the future pulsing, hypnotic and driven energetic visions in his turtleneck sweater to sporting aviators that can easily described as a journey through a galaxy (and the reality moustache !). 

   Marty McFly might not be liking this stuff but many teenagers and girls and supply-heads liking New Wave and experimental would hailing this shit as legends. From Faster Than The Speed Of Love or First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love, Too Hot To Handle or Utopia – Me Giorgio shall easily showing you small parts slowly pumps and pumps in beats to forcing the environments to follow the dance steps until the reprises … 

From Here To Eternity: