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Loosefoot Party Woman (Do Right! Music 2018)

   Might reminding you all about the imaginative mantric on Afro-bitten Industrial Psychedelic sounds inside the warehouse with those throb heavy machines or  dried fish and markets scent swirling out; as South China seas environments spreading heat on torrid humidity to your pretty face very quickly while these Hong Kong unit of multi-instrumentalists and vocalist James Banbury performing bass/cello/synth, Shane Aspegren (drums, synths, electronics), Joseph Von Hess on saxophone, wind instruments, percussion) collectively, formulating the witches brewer brazen on Lo-Fi sex themed motoric drumming to euphoric wonky tactics with Nu-Afro Latin and Pagan Post-Punk Psychedelic of the tropical Dance Club experiments with the project of music called Blood Wine Or Honey releasing this Fear & Celebration hypnotic hidden rural hamlets of the rare Chinese city port mentality.

With mostly, instrumental tracks like The Undying Overrated, Peak Helium A, The Forest is Expecting You or The Young Ones; many of outsiders or even fans of legendary writer George Orwell might loving how this presentation becoming further knowledge introductions for those whom liking to open their minds and stepping into the unknown. 

Fear & Celebration: