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Le Sable Retrouvailles (Endless Smile Records 2017)

   By the likes and related influences from the favorable cuts and sounds from lesser-known names of Hip-Hop objective and Abstract experiments being attached to Chinese Man, Smokey Joe & The Kid onto Hugo Kant or Blanka and Kacem Wapaleck; this Saint-Malo frenchie beats-making personal named Degiheugi being a becoming sound collectors whom insatiable did explorations wider in search for ultimate sounds while on the same time unearthing the deeper buried internet abyss of samples or Trip-Hop values and turning them onto a better recording like this works number entitled Bagatelle. 
   Down-Tempo, Future Jazz, Hip Hop and Trip-Hop Electronic combines and blended into one new cultural prospects as elephants unites and colors melting for such a relaxing record featuring some good tracks both original or instrumental like Contre Ta Peau, Mojito Et Cigare Cubain, Ton Gout D’Inconnu, Sous L’Ombre De Ta Jalousie as well as Le Batise Du Coeur may mesmerizing your ears while taking this with your trip to elsewhere around the planet that day.