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Landing Hours (FFRR 1997)

   Electronic complex over the experiments and rhythmic beats solutions is going to reminds you for early Prodigy or London’s best scene society products as the hand grabbing this lesser known recording from out of the Salt Tank collections.
Aliases for Cohagen and Eviane bring their likes for World Music, traditional touches and more good sampling around the ideas creatively, turns to arrangements just like the members duo: David Gates and Malcolm Stanners build Salt Tank and recording Diamond Halo. Most of the instrumentals coming out to give you a very good reason to dance following the music tail echoes and harmony breeze alike those which carried by the misty springs or after the rain’s atmosphere are strapped here within Wave Intruder, Da Blues, Ritual, Cjax as well as Badlands covering every inches of your bedroom with surrounding magic of technology meets Trip-Hous and Trap-Electro building ambience enclosing sorrow. 
Don’t look for good artworks but strange as Wavebreaks ultimately, kicks some imaginative beats to rhythms over Drum n’ Bass and Jungle-Electro straight onto Progressive Trance or Breaks like you didn’t see it coming as electrifying creature called music.