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Laknat (Revolt! Records 2006)

   Infamous for being one of those early Metalcore/Thrash project of extreme underground band that reaches their stardom in some parts of the modern rock charts and local bulletin and school party goers attractions which submitted to as many festivals and venue of shows domestic and abroad as Bandung, West Java’s crew Burgerkill that consisting for lead guitarist Eben, Andris on bass, drummer Toto, Ivan Scumbag on lead vocals and guitarist Agung along aside the producer Yayat Ahdiyat releasing this third destructive album and final appearance of leading man Ivan before his death due to the prolonging and yearly sickness as started from a Hardcore band but adding more metallic taste into their sounds and resulting beyond Coma And Despair the recording. Comes as only a quartet for this particular bashing music sounds of local scene of national metal community; Darah Hitam Kebencian (dark bleeding hatred), Shadow of Sorrow, Suffer To Death, Angkuh (vanity), Anjing Tanah (meerkat), Last Escape and the old cover from Puppen’s collectiong Atur Aku did presenting this growler/screamo and high techniques with pro-productions within this one. 

Still the good fucking music didn’t really followed by better attitude of the personality on spreading truth turns to nothing but trends.

Beyond Coma And Despair: