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Klovn I Smrt (Jugoton 1983)

   The expired natural for New Wave meets Goth-Pop Electronics really left behind nowadays but back to the beginning of the eighties era; this type of music really booming with millions of artists diving into the realm of educated cultural for chasing artistic refreshments or making more money and for that – even Serbia had several names of female rockers embracing the more deeper but artistic attitudes via the collaborations of Classic Rock, Pop culture and traditional touch music in order to make a whole new perspective in search for the beats and fame over their career.
Alexandra Sladana Milosevic is one of them coming out in bubblegummed sexiness as her music sounded Pop but creepy in format as it makes the audiences little by little come to the arousing level while listening to her native lyrics with more beats and bass-lines dominates the recording release. 
   Try the one from Sladana’s Neutral Design that not only having her snap-shot on the front cover just like the Eastern block version of Jane Child but taken the darker shading road for making her musical sounded not too commercial but still good for dancing on the streets. 
Go let the stereo shivers for Miki Miki, Nad Tobom Andeli Imaju Moc or the English songs like Hey Little Boy to New York. You’ll see next that she’s looking better and much better after this album. 

Neutral Design: