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Kemikal Nice To (Warner Music 2008)

   Came in to spread those wisdom lyrics capable to encouraging the youth of nation for the Philipinos and surroundings as Sugal Ng Kapalaran (Gamble of Fate) closing the performance of the eleventh recording releases produced by the top fourteen national best-selling artists from the region and Rivermaya would be that particular one you like. 

   Alternative Pop-Rock sounds which felt like a vulnerable and crumbling shows for the reminder on the environmental issues as well as the natural beliefs on preserving our beloved planet seems to be still – the main characters of these semi-legendary group consisting for Rico Blanco to Bamboo Manalac along the rest of the members such as Mike Elgar, Ryan Peralta or Norby David on the releasing of Buhay which means feeling, life-force and thoughts that being released as mixed titles from both Tagalog and English like Ligawan Stage (Nerbyoso Pt.2), I Want You, Checkmate, Maskara onto Hindi Ako Susuko. Blessing the good format of both Indie-Pop and Brit Rock on local heritage themes and bigger fan-base achievements so far through the career made success for them.