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Karavana Afrotonik (Vlad 2016)

   Might be a terrible choice but for those whom no into “Zumba Dancing” would lovely and happily on having this recording that brings back the rhythmic beats and traditional touches from the direct mission experimented sounds off good Latino, Hispanic and Mexicana roots as the mad professor combining the experts of highly contagious and non-repressive impressions into one new serum within the album record as Fanfare Ciocarlia’s Que Dolor (Tactical Groove Orbit Remix), Wipe Out, New Town and If You Were My Darling and Zulu are some of the evidence that releasing and arranging through the truth revealing of worldwide favorable likes on traditional Latin music today; just as simply easy as One Drop On The Globe that producing on the behalf of how variety and talents mixing scheduled here over the project filling in the Trad-rhythms, Drum n’ Bass, Indie Kuduro and Clubbing finest coming to your stereo system via the six minutes, five minutes as well as lower durations but seems to be felt like a non-stop experience for a lifetime to spend with.

Laugh much with love and keep on body-moving; senores y senoras ! 

One Drop On The Globe: