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John Hide (Atlantic Recording Corporation 1997)

   Not a perfect time for Dean and Robert De Leo with Eric Kretz to replacing their lead vocalist Scott Weiland for David Coutts as this new project from these ex-Stone Temple Pilots crew would shortly living as being called Talk Show. Not bad after all actually but by trying to dressing up a little bit colorful and cleaner doesn't mean you can easily taking out those materials and branding sounds out of the previous group that they've build together onto this one. Brand new but the lead vocals from David Coutts cannot running away from following the expressive leading role vocalist of STP and because of that the left behind trio of rock-heads brother Dean and Robert on guitars, bass with drummer Eric Kretz stuck within their own formats where the self-titled album Talk Show pops in to the surface of mainstream Alternative Rock and Indie Pop trend-market as being only STP with a slightly different vocalist but same tunes arrangements or on the way they decided to work with Oasis. 

You would love the way thus record pressing the songs inside and mostly, still closer related to their last recording materials but as good as it gets - tracks like modernism arts and issues around Everybody Loves My Car, Wash Me Down, Ring Twice, Hello Hello or End Of The World to Morning Girl seeing the further long steps for the guys not to get stuck or glued for the nineties era forever. 

Talk Show: