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Janger Saka (Pramaqua 1977)

   Oldie combining of both Javanese, Balinese and more of local heritage of Indonesian music with Progressive Rock and Baroque sounds styles independently, would be considered as one of the best recording artists from the country as Guruh Gipsy that was created by Guruh Soekarnoputra contacting the band provides the teaming-up which consisted of Keenen nasution on drums, Chrisye playing bass and sang while Oding Nasution did the guitar parts and Roni Harahap (piano) and Abadi Soesman on synthesizers with The Hutahuruk Sisters backing the vocals provided within the releasing of their unique musical that you might would hear somewhere or if you got a chance to collecting them as Dasabayu scripts consisting of ten Balinese convey meanings and this band really can have their own league somewhere aside with ELP, Yes and other worldwide Progressive Rock society holding on to the event, emptiness, new, truth, eternal and agreements which resulting this self-titled of Guruh Gipsy album. 

   Opened by Indonesia Maharddhika cuts out the fifteen minutes jamming progressions and neat solid techniques and compositions; Chopin Larung or Barong Gundah as well as Smaradhana (means passion) or Geger Gelgel – commotion in Gelgel that really can rocks your souls off – sending your imaginations to an epic wandering to the island of paradise where the sun always brightly shines and the soils enriched with lives. 

Guruh Gipsy: