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Isfurao Iksica (Independent 2017)

   New School Rap of Croatia local trappin’ Hip-Hop and Rap sound-beats as a male artist creatively mixing his mixtape right from the hometown there in Vinkovic as being known as Trill Tozla come in releasing his products of self-written Gangsta-Rap and self-inflicted needs some rights as the king thrilling the populations which must listening over these nine tracks and local business or problems dealt within the everyday struggles that must experiences by the man as some good poisonous purple drink and son of god’s prayer might caught your interests just like the nay-sayer being blown out away over Nije Me Briga ft. Splnter, Mrtvi Predsjednici, Zasto?, Tryhard Rap and Dog Filter leaving the album cover itself produced by Bogdan Erdelji holding the double hands uzi shot dead and paying respect as revenge been once again held a restoration of a sorrow scream hysterically as another souls fly out higher like the mysteriously, Trill Tozla. The Croats really did the adaptations for being a moniker black music followers in loyalty for the eastern Europe district. 

Trap Prince: