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In Thy Constellations (Bandcamp 2017)

Just after the decadence disaster that hits Mesopotamian highest tower and civilization with the powerful effects of extinction as oriental-tinged fractures and massive Death Metal commemorating the sorrow background stories among the ancient people of Mesopotamia and Kurdistan being re-discovered as the old gate of huge advance technology has leading Mir Shamal Hama-Faraj to directing his own solo acts of Extreme Heavy Metal in standard factual missions through the baptizing modern name for Cyaxares from Sulaymaniyah – Iraq and one can clearly, read or knowing the terrible news about but never experiencing them personally like this one. 

The symbolic giant winged ancient gods and creators guarding the entrance for House Of The Cosmic Waters and within Nawa Mikhaeli providing the female sensual and mystic based vocalizations over the raging riffs and solos driven like desert storms through Luna, The Whirling Sufi into Quatrain to Seraphim to Khorabad ft. Brwa Ahmed on the bonus track completed the eight eruptions over the fact truth about the dark-side of the old ways hidden for centuries from greedy human knowledge ! 

House Of The Cosmic Waters: