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Immortal Elevation Trip (Self-Released 2002)

Formed like it has been the next tree family filling for bastard child of Black Sabbath on their at most hurricane mode sounding maker process as the Rome, Italy group led by Riccardo Conforti and Ivan Zara pace the distorting heaviness of Fineral Doomy Metal and bass-lines at the grim dark Ambient atmosphere.

The satanic based releasing from the second albums by Void Of Silence entitled Criteria Ov 666 caught the entirely, shadowy metallic unpleasant worshiping with guns and demons holding hands for keeping the balance for men; as purple crystallized dark figures dancing while the rigid growlers raging within Opus IV. Anger, Opus V. The Ultimate Supreme Intelligence, Opus II. With No Half-Measure and Opus I. Velocity Electricity TVnecro may filling up your empty choices over Satyricon to Katatonia. 

A very dangerous turning points for Heavy Metal extreme balladry.

Criteria Ov 666: