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Huldusal Red Stream (Candlelight Records 2015)

   Progressive Post-Black Metal group whom also preventing them from being sounded alike the Classic raw Extreme Metal musicians but came to stepping in the Modern Rock and written lyrics about the natural and sadness themes as these Reyjavik – Iceland consisting for Birgir Thorgeirsson (vocals, guitars), Ingi Por Palsson (guitars), Thorlakur Thor Gudmundsson (guitars), Kristjan Gudmundsson (drums) and Engilbert Hauksson (bass) have crossing the extreme cold weather and icy storm over thus white desert of fire and snow like the legends told them to and as Kontinuum finishing the written down of those lyrics and tracks via Kyrr – the album.

   Sounding closer to the edgy metallic side of Foo Fighters with different vocalist and reaching in onto more Progressive Rock collection compositions just like the non-suggesting music for metal-heads but more into technique lovers of higher definitions would approves this to be a masterpiece. 

   Undir Bunnu Skinni, Lone, In Shallow Seas through Hlidargotu-Heimsveldi and Breathe – shall releasing the spreading particles of blessings for those whom searching for mid-tempo reflection rocking music which never tempting to be dull in the making.