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Ho Lee Shit! (Bulletproof 2006)

   Meteorite carried the sentient extra-terrestrial crashing to Wheelsy, South Carolina infecting a car dealer whom frolicking with his girl taking over his body an minds controlling Grant whom slowly changing into horrific slug-like tentacle monster as Starla his wife questioning his health lately, while many pets disappearing as she suspicious that Grant lies about allergic bee sting reaction and doctor prescription soon contacting her old crush police chief Bill Pardy. 
Also infecting his girl Brenda with hundreds offspring as being hide her on an isolated barn – grown obese massive as baby slugs grow inside her as Grant attacking Starla one night; Bill and his leads police team on hunting for Grant escaping only to find Brenda in time she exploded inside the barn infecting Bill’s team with hundreds of alien-slugs becoming Grant’s puppets. 
   Slither film might be like a modern B-side of an old sci-fi alien slug invasions with more techniques and good editing scripts as well as more casting talents and soundtrack music compositions from Tyler Bates on Alien Rape, Hollywood, Russkie or The Spilt within tracks from Simon Steadman or Hank Thompson to Air Supply and Crystal Gayle and Corb Lund for Sad Sad World, I Find You Cheat-In’ On Me, The Crying Game, I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love and Roughest Neck Around showing how many towners got eaten quickly by the infected offspring or absorbed into hive mind of Grant except Starla, Bill, mayor Jack and teenage girl Kylie whom had an experience while being absorbs by the slugs seeing how they’re moving from planet to planet consuming all life-forms as parasites planning to kill Grant undetected but being attack by thus possessed town-people capturing Starla while Kylie and Bill tracking them to find the molding one giant creature from all the infected on a basement while Starla trying to seduces the disgusting tentacled Grant before stabbing him with a hair comb but knocks down. 
   Bill shot Jack whose being infected and trying to blow the monster with a grenade but the tentacles stabs him lodging the abdomen infected but Bill attaches them to small propane tank and filling Grant with gases. Starla shoot and it explodes and destroying the infected as well. 

Three survivors going to the hospital while a cat feeding on Grant’s remains got infected quick. 

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