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Hari Hura Hura (SGK Music 2005)

Not in an alphabetical order - Slam Dance, Ketika Setan Berteman, Simpan Saja, Masih Miliknya, Peri Kecil, Suara Hati (self-conscious) and Nona Malam (Missy of The Night) all of these Punk-Rock Pop culture tracks being written and available by the works of Superglad as maintaining their two guitars format and strong concept build the band’s characteristic as high speeding and power tempos with catchy popular issues or themes as the spirit of teenage rock curiosity.

With Agus Giox on bass, Lukman Lakshman Bollocks (vocals/guitars), Akbar Frid Abam on drums formerly a metal-heads band personnel as well as guitarist Dadi Yudhisthira within their capacity as one of the newer generations of Punk Rock local Indonesia; (The) Superglad releasing their second recording album on its harmony vocals and good soften riffs entitled – Ketika Hati Bicara (when your consciousness speaks) that isn’t so bad to listening which really closer relating to the likes for Blink 182, Lagwagon and Millencolin did stung the stereo system for awhile before perhaps, it’s getting bored to stay in and better to walk outside. 

Ketika Hati bicara: