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Haemophilia Blake (Earache 2001)

   Great Israeli three-piece of Sludge metal being active since Jerusalem still under the Jordanian protectorate state spot and you might getting assured that these guys really can be compared to the other names like Sourvein of US state on about their latest cracking and head-banging type of musical performance. If you liking how Helmet changes their course onto something bit darker and using submarine to diving deeper onto the abyss; the results may be caused to be listening to this stuff. Rabies Caste comprising of Dale Rabid, David K and Ruslan Gross as recording their forth albums by far through Let The Soul Out and Cut The Vein really sounded negative to read and learn. Awesome riffs and groovy blasts among the sophisticated metallic grungy formats bursting hard via the self-written materials which is probably, kosher for everyone to hear.

There is Nothing You Have Seen, Out of The Solar System, Steel Right Through The Mouth and The Bleeding Mermaid – exactly, sounding best like you ever wanted to have from the holy city’s rocking generations. 

Really, a Heavy Metal/traditional Sludgecore aleichem ! 

Let The Soul Out and Cut The Vein: