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Groucho Marx (Bullseye Records 2015)

Contemporary jazzy rocks musical performance led by the figure of Bob Segarini as featured by Peter Kashur to Drew Winters and Suze Burmester over these Canadian adult Classic Rock gifts as roxy as smooth possibly, catchy and admirable to get you loving them in listening moment as being Cats and Dogs the group releasing this recording on This Life; within the soft melodies and neat solos completing the slow-tempos rhythms as the vocals moved around the pleasure level limitation to any ears for loving them doing this record. 

Friendships-based, love and romance to the past memories all being certainly, combines here as the songs written and arranged as well over the tracks listing from One in a Million, Let Somebody Down, The Only Thing, The Boy, The Sound of Breaking Hearts to Digging for Diamonds may sounded relaxing and thus saxophone scream for timing borrows and chances mend in such of melodies as odd as Living in a Lonely World filling with music. 

This Life: