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Groove Barely Dice (High Beam Music 2000)

   A New South Wales or just from Sydney to be prĂ©cised giving its new frontal Stoner Rock unit of Australia within the line-up: Dave Tomley (vocals), Troy Scerri (guitars), Charlie O’Neill (guitars), Jason Breitfuss (bass) and Mark Mills (drums) might looking not but sounded alike the minor sided of Clutch whose luckily, didn’t pull too much of the similarity among riffs but the vocals related by distant as Bog Block Rock album debut fills your stereo system up for good rocking head-bang and bursts of melodies of Southern Rock meets Hard Rock a la Guns N’ Roses to Stone Temple Pilots which describing over those ten songs like Scarecrow, Supernova, Shadow Woman, Blown Away to Words Fail and Slow Me Down. Burning the roads at your speeding ticket riding over the thick darkness and a small candle light headed to nowhere near faster for the sexy chicks, the outback and the mystery upon the desert inlands. 

Big Block Rock: