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Ghost Dust (Spinnup 2017)

Richi Echeverria (guitars, bass), Massimo Giardiello (guitars), Artur Schall (keyboards, vocals), Stefan Zimmerling (drums), Anna Rogg on vocals and Francesca Schenk (violins) of a Lorrach, Baden-Wurttemberg – Germany Symphonic Metal unit named Inner Core did actively releasing their processing final results full-length which carries proper limits level up from the sensual beauty female voices of the high-toning to the drumming standard from the mid-tempo edgy sounds to thus riff-age and shreds that makes Soultaker comes aloud a better music album.

Almost closer to Dream Theater sound-system with expectation except the funny keyboards Classical and some delivering objective that had been cancelled to go out in total amounts. Still, Keep The Distance, Crucified, Snowstorm, Sweet Addiction and Monsters would amaze your ears while enjoying the imaginative journey through some Rock progression patterns via Soultaker’s hollow hole on the border walls that leads lives to find the truth outside.