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Gemini Temporal Revisit (Vintage Rocks Records 2017)

   Not much anticipated for a mellow rowdy as jazzy Folk with Hard Rock thicker background as Dusk meets their audiences by learning to make a good recording such as this one; as warmth sometimes funny and sometimes serious as rated as top performance from unlucky lesser known band as you might enjoying them completely, different by the lyrics, the songs and such wonderful Grungy tunes and vocals catchy like a social-values beats that you might dance with in spite tapping those feet of touching warmest hearts as roaring feelings laughs about forty-eight minutes and twelve seconds within the caged tales of a circus boy wonder posing the picture works fine like the harmony and the riffs over the self-releasing album named Dusk.

Listen really carefully because they’re good: 8 AM, Secret 7th Silk Society, Future World, Die Alone as well as Bleached Bones and Thank You.