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Gatholoco Sexual Disease (AIRO 1992)

   Successfully, opening for the first Metallica show in Jakarta was this local Thrash heroes unit of Indonesia Underground Extreme scene calling themselves once Rotor as being comprising for the leading roles from guitarist M. Irvan Sembiring and lead vocalist/growler Jodie Gondokusumo whom really total got influenced by the early Sepultura sounds and numbers as fast and brutal for the level up in Indonesian heavy Metal music at the time – provoking youth mass to do violence thing around the stadium and the capital city as government calls on banning Rock Music once and for all since but didn’t quite successfully and reasonable to do it. Rotor crew mixing their likes for heavy thrashy rocks and double pedals and who knows what possessing them in the making of thus self-written album – Behind The 8th Ball brings the social issues themed tracks like the cold war flicks via Nuclear is The Solution…? Or Curse Of Leak within the magical scary lyrics story and blasting jams like real riff-age mixture infliction from Testament, Kreator and Sadus onto Pluitphobia telling the national police force to responds the regulations which later on making public miserable.

What a old program from the early nineties metallic era of nation’s Thrash Metal protests while Soeharto ruling the archipelago within iron fists sense everywhere inside the album. Frontal loud faster and seemed unlawful !

Behind The 8th Ball: