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Forti In Tutto (La Tempesta Dischi 2007)

   Sursum Corda would be the Rimini’s intermediate sounds of alternative music which presenting these Romagna’s unit comprising of Emily on bass guitar, Mone (Simone) the drummer and Bart on guitar and vocals recording their own self-making Noise and made them into songs; as committed to themselves that they’re lasting longer and baptizing them as the group – Cosmetic as playing the performing distorted soft and sophomore diligent of sonic temple meets Grungy alternative via Acaciarosa, Megilo Cosi, Sulle Riviste, onto Deletaria and Fratto or Pronto a Sorridere giving the sent of helpful messages for the youth craze to developing themselves to melodic session fights or joining the new millennium within a creativity recording music and intense non-popular or rare fossil sketches recaptures like the one creature fish-worm breathing fire as unique as you may left speechless.

Sursum Corda: