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Fooligan Chick (Honest Don’s 1996)

Pure American rocker Punks from Santa Rosa – California where every kids loved to do extreme sports in the streets with broken bones or bleeding nose smiling as the background music kept produced by the local bands like Diesel Boy and you might didn’t know the personnel behind it would be Dave Lake, Greg Hensley, Justin Werth and Mike Auxwolin as together they’re releasing the first debut album called Cock Rock.
This isn’t honestly, songs for chickens and rooster herding but Punk Rock shall never stop driving their own tempos for slowing down quite nicely without a good fight against commercialism. This example songs and the brand of shouting sing-along moves really fits here as Saving The World, Lime Green, Happy Street, Damaged, Bossa Nova, Titty Twister onto Andy Stern or Real Life in The big City being totally, written based on how the members living their pathetic lives in California places which from the outside might selling the dreams to deceived those whom already have nothing to lose for more degradation.

Cock Rock: