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Fodder 04:27 (No Thought Records 2017)

   For everyone who thought that these Hardcore violence group – Mercy Blow coming from somewhere around Urukhangai, Mongolia remote enough to be disbelief or mistrusted but actually – Slamming HC crew of Eric (vocals), Ryan (guitars), Izzi (bass) and Michael (drums) is the foursome metallic Hardcore unit formed in Delaware and their music suitable and fits for any reckless youth music as hardest and painful themes ever surfacing in metric fuck tones punching you up and didn’t give shit for Necrosis as critical fast into only 01:34 tops, III At Ease (ft. Don Waking The Cadaver), Made of Smoke and things brought to the modern pathetic world of men via Coup De Grace – really not only portraying the worst torture motions by the masked gladiator to nude white women for pleasure as hardening as grotesque possible !

Coup De Grace: