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Fo R (Not On Label 2016)

After ten recordings and long career in the making of Doomed experimental Electronic or Goth-Gaze gravy sounds touchdown the surface in such a meaningless signal of droning tunes in medium-benevolent as thus whispering messages and haunting spoken of mysterious tales under the real name performance of Xavier St. Valentine or aliases like Minarette, Royal Jelly or Suicide Hotline but solidify here on the rejected serious figure of Sofia Reta as far as Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The elements of termination carried by Ambient Industrial and Synth-Pop loneliness accompanied thus thirteen minutes to forty-eight seconds proclaiming in between horror and suspense admires via Bureau For Melon – letting the patient fell asleep and die in their sweet dreams before anyone including the doctors aware of their deceased time as the light goes on and the curtains calling the last performance for about fifty-six minutes and thirty seconds; destroying the knowledge in rated R and naming after a fruit project of anonymous gender music-maker. 

Bureau For Melon: