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Fermes Virage Sud (Almost Musique 2017)

   Art-Rock or Psychedelic experimental French-Pop sounds is actually, being made by these group Aquaserge as their fourth recording passionate release on Laisse Ca Etre which performed by Audrey Ginestet, Benjamin Gilbert, Julien Chamla, Julien Gasc to Manon Gilbert and co did turn on some listeners interest while opening their files and listen.

   This Avant-Garde jazzy and Psychedelic Pop delicatessen written its lyrics through the use of french entirely, truly fascinating to your love for music as art-deco painting and songs like Tintin On Est Bien Mon Loulou, C’est Pas Tout Mais, Tour Du Monde, L’ire Est Au Rendez-vous and Charme D’Orient really turn the journey path through various types of musical experiences and sounds made there to ears. Enjoying your time living in this planet and keep saying C’est La Vie ! 

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