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Fantasy Lens Glass (Don Giovanni 2018)

Parts of Wolfmother for the real touchy tough-girl led singing Rock N’ Roll progressions as the old medieval and renaissance Indie-Pop pleasant culture captures the most blending purifier of the three-piece band called Screaming Females with Jarrett Dougherty, Marissa Paternoster and Michael Abbate not trying to be sounded complex but rather being too shorty original and boring; the band decided to adding some flawless groovy beats on it as pumped out and barking solos to balancing them for the latest recording on All At Once where Agnes Martin, Dirt, I’ll Make You Sorry, Black Moon, Soft Domination, onto Chamber For Sleep (Part One) with Bird In Space or Drop by Drop truly – taking the daily notes and tales onto some kinds of rocking outfit tunes which carries most of the better not bitter chances for the optimistic person and listeners to breaking the concrete walls and becoming clean and cured to showing the world who’s getting over who after the fall and not stepping into the same hole again !

All At Once: