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Fairy’s Tale Vengeance (Independent 2017)

   Hear how the new millennium heavy Metal band playing the 80’s Power metal better than the old eighties bands performed it before as these Leeds, UK crew named Dream Troll taking the concepts for their recording here _ The Knight Of Rebellion from the children’s cartoon show He-Man: Master of The Universe in epic solutions over defending Greyskull castle and tower of power from the evil enemies striking down separately, in every corner of the place sacred and miraculous with wonderful vocals, sweet melodies and polishing kinds of Manilla Road type music brought here for the audience.
   Powerful rhythmic bash and standard tempos closer describing the track listing to be fine and must have your applause for this. 
The sing-along choruses of Velvet Drawbridge, Mons Ominosus, Lost in The Pages and Unwanted by The Gods as (The) Earthbound Betrayal – all make sense to letting your head banging like the old times used to did that on every Rock lovers for the performance from Simon Blakelock behind the drums, Paul Carter and Matt Baldwinson on guitars and vocalist Rob Stringer as Power Metal warriors.

The Knight Of Rebellion: