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Faint Blue Bird (The Native Sound 2016)

Indie Rock positive beams - Andrew Thomas, Julia Blake and Nick Steinhardt using their mixture of ideas over Dark Wave, Dream Pop and Indie Post-Punk ruled by Synth-Pop and Alternative from Los Angeles outlet collaborators that their roots came from also from the background Arizona and Phoenix area hitting the new music and older materials fuller impressive Shoegaze sounds curiosity promising fantastically, reminds and classy as Vow trio been using their figures as kind of dolly posed gripping kept inside the longtime collaborative on a trunk of a car. 

Including the track-lists around the discussion among Na├»ve Love, Withdraw, October (feat. Nick Camacho), Lowest, Green Light and In Another or Glow. 

Might be your favorite darker side in mid-tempo and beautiful female vocals intact within the images of non-human but sounding like mankind. 

Vow's Kind Eyes: