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Evening Rain (Wind-Up Records 2003)

   Having names like Fuel, The Calling, Seether and Chevelle performing their rocking tunes of Modern Rock like Until You’re Reformed, Won’t Back Down, For You or Hang On as well as the hits singles that is bigger than the super-hero movie itself: Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life and My Immortal lively, lifted the Daredevil character off Marvel comics even though the film didn’t goes good for being criticized by media which fails for the short story and lack of interesting scenes even the actions still looking good but the rest of cases on telling blind lawyer Matt Murdock seeking true justice in and outside courtroom and the streets as masked vigilante for his childhood misery being loses his sights over the chemical accident spills to his boxer dad – Jack “The Devil” Murdock being killed by criminal boss Kingpin.
As later, Kingpin targeting his expansion over Hell’s Kitchen area spreading fear and planning to eliminates businessman Nikolai Natchios dealing with ill-mannered Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin; hiring the Irishman assassin – Bullseye to kill Nikolai and kidnapping his beautiful daughter Elektra. 
As the local newspaper and private investigating journalist Ben Urich on the crime scenes and how he manage to relates the act of street justice vigilante named Daredevil as many Kingpin’s mobs being tortured and exterminates by this mysterious figure known to have great martial art skills but weaken by loud noises as Bullseye figure it out before the duel between them happening – kills Nikolai and injured Daredevil but making Elektra hates Daredevil for his action that murdering her dad – giving her courage to practicing herself good martial art skills as well revenge plan. 
   The rendezvous meeting between Bullseye and Daredevil with Elektra ends up with both injured pretty bad but Elektra (Jennifer Gardner) being stabbed to death as mourns by Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) severly injures Bullseye in broken bones. With the discovery of the real identity of Kingpin whom hires Bullseye to assassinates Nikolai Natchios and killing Elektra lures Daredevil to find his father’s murderer as well – powerful combatant hand in hand combat closed the maintaining of Daredevil plan on restoring orders of justification by defeating the big black strong Kingpin kneeling down to him as the police siren approaches. 
Ben Urich decided not to revealing Daredevil’s true story and Fisk goes to jail for his yearly of crime acts as being humiliated but Bulleyes survive the hospital thanks for the credits mid-scene impaling fly by syringe needle.