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Eternally Fifteen Stone (Don Giovanni 2016)

Kinds of Alternative Pop-Rock sounds from the era of the nineties mid within the female vocals like things that reminds you about Veruca Salt or Letters To Cleo personally, gorgeous and cute and independent from Chester Gwazda, Rob Dowler and Cara Beth Satalino writing down the lyrics of tales about the daily lives or walking around and standing in a way or thinking about diamond in a very good musical performance by the trio – calling themselves as Outer Spaces.

Picturing the crystal plants kept inside the thus unique shapes of small environments as the results ideas for these Baltimore, Maryland describing genesis of the making the first and the last themed purchased within A Shedding Snake traced within the track-lists of the thirteen songs like Shade Of Grey, Born Enemy, Words, I Was Divided, Postman or The Page Has Turned – transitioned a fertile artistic on solid Indie Pop and Rock n’ Roll to your ears completely simple by opportunity.

A Shedding Snake: