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Embrace Black Chaos (Xtreem Music 2018)

Don’t give a fuck on the planet for getting popular since they’re forming themselves on the eighty-six era until today; these Death/Thrash Metal and annihilation killings influenced lyricists and brutal music group naming Anialator from Corpus Christi, Texas consisting of Roland Torres (guitars), Alex Dominguez (bass), O.J Landa (drums), Mando Valadez (guitars) and Angel Gonzalez (vocals) releasing Rise To Supremacy as the extended play tales of the chaos on earth as gas masks is the troops of tomorrow destructible and savior of the last humanity stands but nevertheless, helping us to preserving rather to collapsing things and everything we build burnt to the ground as All Systems Down, Rise Again, Thick Skinned and road-raging solos of guitars as well as gut-cleaving tempos that felt energetically, dangerous and on the same time mysterious by reasons rising questions.

Rise To Supremacy: