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Elka (Zoot Records 2017)

House Music recorded by The Maghreban perhaps, not truly religious as some shallow thinkers seemed to have an opinion on it; this modern day experiment musical project made by the guy with the real name -  Ayman or Doctor Zygote had the Arabic inscriptions symbol on the right corner but doesn’t needing to make any related faction onto music sounds about. Further more you may seeing Electronic House storage as this time – being spread in public over the mini EP releasing within thus three tracks available.

Pots & Pans/Martha did a very strange job for converting noises, samples and programming not just as ordinary as the floating kitchen equipment like there’s a poltergeist happening but much more than that; the bass-line forcing you to liking the rhythmic or the eerie suspense build by the song appearance like Martha creeping and deliberating the ears once you enjoying it in quite nicely, peaceful situation. 

Don’t forget to clean up after you using something or someone’s stuff and don’t let a cat get your tongue …