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El Zorongo NBD (Don Giovanni 2017)

   Perhaps reminding you about the story book about parade of birds which describing more around the discussions over a communion of our feather friends race here displaying by the nineteen piece (!) of Brass section band or group from Providence – Rhode Island behind the names of some good horn sections and some more others musicians like Brian St. Pierre, Chris Erway, Daniel Schleifer, Daniel Stern, Ethan Robson, Greg Burbank onto Hannah Zoll, Jesse Teixeira, Johanna Walczak as well as Nathan Bergmann-Dean or Norlan Olivo and more personnel as the releasing of this World Music/Elecronic/Rock-punkish and lots of Brass & Military Folk noises by What Cheer? Brigade brings us not only the birds interactions but also those instrumental track-listing compositions of a big band parade through Ekremov Cocek, Hora Din Petronitza, You Don’t Want To Go To War, Punk Gratitude, Lahabibi onto Reka Zelja that reveals that some songs also written by Ekrem Sajdic as well as Brian Eno while arranged by Chris Erway himself for the remarkable collaborative musical performance on the album – You Can’t See Inside Of Me by these huge members of sound-performers unit.

You Can't See Inside Of Me: