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Economic Design Corrosion (Abstract Orchestrations 2018)

   Promoted Grind-Core recorded and featuring the most evil things brought by the secret-American governments to us all these decades hopefully would opening your eyes and ears for more power-violence from like this full-length album made by Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate over Slaves To The Waking Nightmare releasing the intentional conspiracy aspects on one eyed N.W.O shadow malfunction system controlling mankind since the dawn of rising technology and forty-years wars as Death Metal, Punk-Grindcore or experimental noise ruling the sickening stereo system of a mindless self as Carlos playing the bass guitar, Frank behind the drumming set led by Joe performing guitars/samples/vocals as the lyrics being written by Joe with music made with Frank and as fucking fast and destructive as possible commencing deader themes to world devastation started with these six applying non-wisdom hate-breeding tunes from Illusion of Power, Existence in Chains to Disillusioned By Salvation or Dystopian Nation terribly, deranged by driving the listeners gone freaking madder brainless and kills as command been given. Dangerous as it gets and need to be avoided by your beloved children.

Slaves To The Waking Nightmare: