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Driven Snow (Pelagic Records 2015)

   Head your bangs and let your head non-stop doing the movement to celebrating reality of Hard Rock meets Stoner Bluesy Metal for these Gothenburg, Sweden crew and Sludge Metal movements off Mattias Noojd on guitars, vocals and Markus  Bolechowski Franklin and the defect of Fredrik Kall over their releasing of the fire-out blasts mini recording on Trail Of The Serpent as Sludge Metal really taking over the first influential sounds from the group. Screaming like a beast or crushing riffs in turns ripping off your hearings and let the massive destruction symbolic of gods and devastation giving peace a chance as you will to choose under the moniker of Heavy Metal extreme music performance and dark knowledge like this one.

Whether The Gathering or Following The Trail or Stench Of Prey won’t luckily – saving you from being totally crushed by the extinction before the new world in the making risen out from our ashes like a shiny knowledge …

Trail Of The Serpent: