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Dolores Charmer (Sudden Hunger Records 2017)

East London always got plenty of surprising surprise due to their central of a melting-pot cultural in between customs, faiths to music where you might finding something good comes out from the hole of the slum to be millionaires ? Keep hoping as there’s a group of people whose naming themselves as Les Hommes with Rory More, Vladimiro Carboni and Tarek Abou-Chanab whose debuting their life performance on a little club in Soho but the encompassed Latinos musical and royal bums composed of the band’s instrumental tracks could driving the audience to fell in love with them because of the quite ordinary scientific or secular minds to see the big picture before doing something awfully regret.

The band’s third record for Downtempo/Electronic/Smooth Jazz and Pop-Funk over the twelve songs remarkably composed and rely on the targeted market or not – you might love to listening for Esparito Santo, Il Peccatore, Hadija, Shaminah to End Game – really sprinkling thorugh out the album sample of The Sinner. Let the Jazzy music can talking about themselves or other characters which lifted up the recording album brings you up and put you inside the best bed in the universe – like a new king !

The Sinner: