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Dollhouse Labyrinth (Independent 2014)

   Haunting scary and on the same time sounded beautiful like the fantasy Power-Metal Gothic Rock hailed off Lucca – Tuscany (Italy) where Kalidia formed as a group that comprising for the five-piece with guitarist Federico Paolini, keyboardist Nicole Azzola, Nicoletta Rosellini (vocals, lyrics), Roberto Donati on bass guitar and drummer Gabriele Basile writing their materials of almost a Classic Symphonic Rock and Heavy Metal blending music to catch within Lies’ Device formats  as the background of renaissance era and celebration lives of the past a bit cheering and eerie spooking via thus speed up tempos and gorgeous harmonies bursts in towards Harbinger of Serenity, Black magic, Shadow Will be Gone, Winged Lord and The Lost Mariner attracts you in many various durations over six minutes to the standard four to up minutes while the masks hiding the bad things from the righteous eyes – under the sun and the ballroom’s lights.

Watch-out for the love potions spreading by the female vocalist onto you ...

Lies' Device: