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Dogsnotgods Twist (Relapse Records 2017)

   Relentless terror catchy riffs and irresistible head-banging tempos for this Cross-Over attitudes takes the outcome marks thus attacks completely furious by these frantic, punchy Thrash gallops and Punkish Hardcore mixture of aggression recorded by the likes for Converge, Toxic Holocaust and High On Fire really fits to bursts like explosion of an atomic bomb manage to blasting via Crossover Ministry album record and performed by the metallic band from Richmond, VA calling themselves – Iron Reagan and consisting for Mark Bronzino, Paul Burnette, Phil Hall and Ryan Parrish to Tony Foresta throwing their mass-murderer riffs like Slayer on beers and acid used dimension closer to pure-chaotic anti-religion types.
Fucking joker skull of death disguising not using black cloth and the world once again being deceived with this. 
   Eighteen tracks listed and available – ready to devastating you all up and gone into dusty particles as well as one might found out about more evangelism and approval vicious sermon through the church of head-bang generations here worshiping Thrash Metal blends onto thus choirs of helplessly dying race and social protests among lawful government property and greedy laws made that chained mankind from real freedom of doing what themselves told and wanted. 
Fight the authority and kill the haves if you must; don’t be judge by your race but be vigilant to those trying to cuff your hands with Fuck The neighbors, Power To The Skull, Dead with My Friends, More War, Blatant Violence onto Parents of Tomorrow or Megachurch – tumbling the establishment down now; at this hour with whatever you can do. 

Kill or be enslaved ! 

Crossover Ministry: