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Djentbreed (Black Hoe Recordings 2014)

   Alias Pierre Colmant but his stage name familiarly stands for Peter Kurten and this DJ/composer/musician/producer figure loved his terrible related of Industrial, Break-Core, Death Metallic and total annihilation of magnetic sounds on chaos Drum N Bass Electronic recording debut via Into The garden Of Death as Peter Kurten written and spawning some of his works through Humans, Pain & Chaos, Walk to several collaborations like on I Could with Sinecore and Throttler, It’s Coming featuring Savage; Marfan Syndrome and Air J features for Tribal Ritual or Synthakt for The Secret – blasting harder than the usual dynamic corrosive beats of a nation electro-pop as well as experimental noise conspiracy only might be fitted for the hardcore fans per se.

The dead female being crushed in a well by the psychopathic, the ghost spirit floating to haunts the area or the dark hooded figure mingled to be a mastermind over this disturbing noise-cracker distribution … did a good tremendous job for telling the background of a medieval battle of good being lost against evil by the electronic metal-heads progressive vision. 

Into The Garden of Death: