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Ditch Rich (Blow Blood 2018)

Soakie means business where fast music of Punk-hardcore bashing your freaking face quickly and dangerous but not as political as just said – like Rancid, these Melbourne’s Power-Punk of non-popular distinctive quartet considers to be Austin on drums, Chumz on guitars, bassist Nellie and vocalist Summer really crashing their course to showing the love thicker to the likes for Bikini Kills, 7 Year Bitch to crazy little whore of the entire whole brought out from Courtney Love not her hole.

Demo CS music isn’t your tragic Pop-Punk melodic but more closer to the vandal-type of mad screamo punkish protests into Or You or You, Power Tool, Public Transport Blues, Boys On Stage or Cream – reminding the listeners about the early original Grunge and Riotgrrrl bursts long time ago before big company ruining the movements fucking quick. 

Social values and nail biting teenage angst garage-crew ! 

Demo CS: