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Distruggere Violenti I (Independent 2018)

   Godfather mobs may having problems with their kids and then, agreed to forming the bound of alliance among those Mafioso breeding ex-sons turning to rebel- Punks as Ancora Vivi would be one of the project of Post hardcore of Lucca, Italy which consisting for Andrea (guitars), Barbi (bass guitar) and Leo (vocals) with some special thanks for their friends and relatives – Mauro, collective studio, Barbeat and Giulia Menicucci and Inchiostro Lisergico among others but not any santa’s and holy mother of god because the band actually, is so individuals and atheist.

Reference tracks page by the non-license protests against the world peeling up the skins withi the power violence according to Corri Ragazzo, Saremo Incubi and Sangue dig this self-titled record fueled on angst, confusion and metallic land-mines to blow shit up quick !

Ancora Vivi: