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Denouement Jacket (Camobear Records 2013)

   Probably, quite comes in such a hilarious way but honest and humane with no motivation speaking about numb things and expertise but seducing documentary of fame destruction and leaving what he loves the road behind as Josh Martinez or born as Matthew Edward Kimber – the Canadian MC who puts this Underground Pop and hip-Hop Rap materials under the hands of Stuey Kubrick and Sapient as featuring Ceschi, Stevie Ross and Evil Ebenezer for Blotto while all the fingers being successfully, cut by a pocket knife; open your speaker and turn the beats of stability aloud as the tales and rhyming lyrics flows following Devil’s Bargain, Cross That Road, Revelations, Man Down, I’m Sorry and Lay Down (My Dogs) because after the shows done and out – one might thinking that they’re truly – either being set free liberated or stranded all alone like Life Without kinda feeling inflicts.