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Delusive Eyes (Solitude Productions 2014)

   Intense shocking works through a decision on recording new songs and materials as studio in Mallorca became their witness and mastering Finnish tribe-man Mika Jussila sending the final results transitioning the dark, heavy and melancholic sounds of transmit within the deepest sentiment emphasizing fully human decay on evolution of sounds excellently reaching a level of good positions for the Doom metal worldwide. 

   These Spanish metallic Doom’s intense sounds like the bigger influenced received by them from Katatonia, Opeth and Paradise Lost buried the pain, the misery and the harmony measurements among the ruins of the bands: Enrique Sierra, Josep Brunet, Samuel Morales, Snadro Vizcaino and Xavi Gil on this forth releasing records from them on Compassion Forlorn as the older ages can keeping up slowly and surely, re-taken back your lost times and the jealousy for youth-spirits as well as the romance broken into lies as promises cannot be kept anymore and Doom Metal comes to pursuing the last chance of the killing or revenge as sweet before things frozen back by the cold weather and The Inner Crumble, Looters, I Am To Blame and Els Dies Tranquils sounded really chaotic promising to spread and continues within the Helevorn’s project of extreme slower version of Gothic-Progression Heavy Metal genre before the heart of sacred inside the jar stopped beating.

Compassion Forlorn: